Melbourne male escort

The calmingly cool coastal breeze of Melbourne coupled with the magnificent inner-city arts life, makes for a truly unforgettable city to explore with a special someone. The nation-renowned city is host to arguably the best arts and foods in Australia. Immerse yourself fully in the vibrant city life of Melbourne with a charming male escort by your side every step of the way.

Melbourne Bars

If you’re looking to stay within the Melbourne CBD, head to the Rooftop Bar. You and your escort can bathe in the warm sun while enjoying a nice brew and some interesting conversation. You and your male escort could also head to Cookie Bar and explore the wide range of craft beers available. Outside the CBD you could head to Naked In The Sky Bar and enjoy the stunning panorama of the city. If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, you and your escort could head to The Noble Experiment Bar for a unique experience neither of you will ever forget.

Melbourne Restaurants

If you and your escort want to experience expertly-made foreign dishes, head to Dexter restaurant for American-styled, slow-roasted meat. You could also head to 400 Gradi for world-renowned pizza. Alternatively, take your handsome male escort to a more exotic restaurant like Hu Tong and immerse yourself in Asian cuisine. Share dumplings and incredible stir-fries while chatting over romantic candle-lit dinners.

Melbourne Hotels

Take your charming escort to Adelphi Hotel and experience one of the most luxurious hotels in the inner-city. The dark, earthy tones on the walls and general rustic designs of the building are a breathtaking view for you and your escort. Alternatively, you and your handsome man can head to the free mini bar at Ovolo hotel and share deep conversations over a couple drinks, exclusive only to the quiet romantic atmosphere of a hotel bar. For the more extravagant types – be sure to check into The Como for an unbelievable experience.

Things to do in Melbourne with a male escorts

If you enjoy book-browsing with company, take your escort to Readings to experience one of the most popular bookshops in the world. For those that have always wanted to try Karaoke but too scared to do it with friends – take your escort to Charlton’s Karaoke. Your man will happily sing along and enjoy the moment with you.