Escorting in London

Many people may be asking themselves how one comes to the extent of becoming an escort instead of getting an excellent job. Other people take London as a country full of business opportunities, which is the truth but according to me, escorting is another type of job. Escorting is becoming popular, and more young girls are finding the venture super lucrative. Escorting is a quick money in bag task that requires close to no strain. Since I was full of beauty, fair skin, and nice body parts, these features made many men admire me, and they cough plenty of cash for my companionship.

At what age did I join the escort industry and why?

My name is Jessica, a London legal citizen by birth, aged 35. I live on the western side of London city. I joined the industry as a busty 17 years old teen, exactly a year after high school studies. One of my best friends came across a London escort agency site on the internet, and we decided to try. At that time, I worked in a mini supermarket, and I got peanuts for pay, barely enough to sustain me. I was beautiful and young, and when I posted my half-naked body on the website, I attracted 13 men for my first time. I was nervous, but I had to do it to raise money for my family and my needs. I selected one man who we met later on, and he paid me a lot of cash.

Even though it was my first time in the industry, a little exposure from the streets did me some justice. I could receive about twenty notifications per day from different clients requesting my services. I worked both as an incall and outcall call girl. Most clients that I choose are older men exclusively between 60 to 70 years. These men hardly ask for sex services, but sometimes they do, which is not rough like of those young men. I have enjoyed plenty of gifts, dinner dates, tours, and shopping with my clients in exchange for my services. Well, I can say I love my men aged and mature.


Escorting is a business like any other hence it has its ups and downs. Since I joined this business, my life has changed very much. Even though escorting is legalized in London, the community still doesn’t acknowledge it as legal. I have thus experienced much hate and slut-shaming from my friends. The friends that I had 14 years ago left me, and I cannot make a friend out of my business. I always feel guilty because I lie to my family about what I do. I try hard to maintain my dignity and self-respect.

Some of my clients may refuse to pay me up after service, which is rather insensitive. Others are addicted to drugs like cocaine and alcohol, and at times, they may insist on it to lighten the moods. Even so, I have thought of quitting not once not twice. However, the more I try, the deeper I get into it. Escorting is fascinating, not to forget the huge checks you can make in hours. I would advise young girls to rethink before joining the venture. For the daring and sexually liberated girls, let’s keep exploring!