What It’s Like Being an Escort

Being an escort is a job like any other, except for the fact that you’ll encounter different and unique experiences. Working as an escort, you’ll get to meet all types of clients and experience different things.

When you work in the escort business, you’ll come to understand that clients usually want something opposite of what they live in terms of sex. There are “party clients” who are always the antitheses of the “power clients.”

There is a dominance that comes with power clients in a real-life social setting, but the party client usually craves for it. Being a London escort for years now, I’ve had the opportunity to meet all sorts of clients and come to realize things tend to differ from one person to the other.

The first client I ever had when working in this business wasn’t something that I had imagined. Not to say that I dreaded the experience, but it was a totally new thing to me and trying to adapt to the “new normal” took me time.

There is also a client who is nicknamed “guilt guy.” There are two types of guilty clients; the first type is the one who feels guilty during the deed. I once had a client who had a sudden rush of guilt when I was in the middle of going down on him, and he exclaimed how he had a wife and couldn’t continue with the deed anymore.

When you decide to be an escort, various options are available to you for starting in this business. The first option as a beginner is to join an agency and learn how the business works, gain experience and then later on head out to become independent.

The other option is to start as an independent right away, learn the hard way and once you establish yourself, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. The first option is usually the most recommended one because you’ll be under a licensed entity.

Therefore, that means you are safer compared to starting on your own and not knowing the various steps that you’re supposed to take to get to the top.

Although most people would prefer to start independently, it might pose huge risks if you don’t know how to go about it. You have to be extremely cautious by taking your time with the kinds of clients you are meeting.

You can meet in a restaurant or hotel to be on the safe side in case you are operating independently. The good thing about being in an agency is that clients find you, unlike as an independent escort, you have to look for clients, connect with them and set up a meeting.

Over the years as an escort, I’ve had the privilege of growing and meeting high-end clients, but that didn’t come easy. It took time, and I had to start in an agency before branching out and going independent.

At first, it wasn’t easy, but since I had the experience and knew the perks of the business, it eventually started working out and gained access to ideal clients who I service mostly, as well as still meet new ones when I get the chance.