Hiring a male escort for the first time can be nerve racking and exciting experience at the same time, I have created a small guide to booking a male escort for the first time more pleasurable. HOW TO BOOK A MALE

  • Right down all your questions that you would like to ask, make sure it’s respectful to the particular male escort that you want to book.
  • If the male escort has website go through the site, take a look what he’s all about and what type of services and what’s on offer.
  • If you have a long line of questions that’s not covered on his personal page please send an polite email.
  • There’s no such things as embarrassing questions please feel free to ask anything, most professional escorts will able to answer your question.
  • Never call on private number.
  • A small introduction about yourself goes along away this will able to build rapport with the male escort.
  • To go ahead with any booking please mention the time & date of the appointment, location.
  • If you need to make any cancellations or any changes to the booking please let the escort know well in advance before the booking.