You have come to right place if you are seeking the complete package with your male escort. I will provide you with a service that is full of charm and sophistication, as well as the ability to satisfy you both mentally and, of course, physically. As an intelligent woman you are investing wisely when you spend your time with me, and I would like you to have full confidence in the service you will be receiving.

What’s important to me is your overall experience. I want to demonstrate that I’m genuine and that there is nothing clinical about being with me. It’s exciting to escape the daily grind, forget about everything around you and spoil yourself. You will have my undivided attention at all times.

I like to be mysterious and slightly cheeky before our date. I don’t want to reveal too much about our time together but enjoy giving little naughty hints about what you can expect. I want to get to know more about you, especially about what turns you on. I personally love to tease without revealing too much, but enough to heighten your senses and become intrigued and excited.  I want you to enjoy every moment of your time with me. I believe foreplay should begin before dinner with some cheeky banter over a drink or two, and carry on all the way through the evening until we retire to the bedroom. I am very passionate about dining and love all types of food, so please allow me to select a venue with a sexy and seductive vibe. Indulge in some delicious food, wine, and dessert before embarking on an insatiable sexual encounter with me –  what’s not to love?

I love kissing and appreciate how intrical it is to our evening. I pride myself on kissing passionately, slowly and seductively.  After a night of fulfilling all of your sexual desires, you will wake up next to a handsome man who would love to serve you a champagne breakfast in bed. There will certainly be some time left over to play a little more.

This is just a small hint of what you can expect when spending the evening with Adria.