Back in 2006 there was no Twitter or Instagram and Facebook was in it’s early days. Myspace was king. I had no connections with other escorts, or within the industry in general, and to be quite frank why should I be asking female escorts about male escorting when at this rate it seemed like a myth anyway.

I spent many nights researching what was out there in terms of escorting and sex work. There was plenty of female agencies, along with gay agencies, but not many independent ones. There were a few obscure directories both here in Australia and abroad.

Eventually I have stumbled on to a straight male escort agency in Sydney. This was the only agency in Sydney, and come to think about it the only one in Australia. The website looked clean and professional. Of course I experienced some self doubt, you see male body image does exist, but that’s for another day.

Here are the prerequisites for this agency:

*is 5′ 10″ – 6′ 3″ tall

*is 25-45 yrs old

*is extremely handsome

*is not ‘into himself’, but is down to earth & friendly

*practices excellent personal & sexual hygiene

*has general non-sexual experience with women in daily life

*is aware that sex is very often NOT included in appointments

*has sexual experience with females & personal sexual control

*is 100% heterosexual – not bi or gay.

*will pass a psychological test

*will pass a sexual health test

*will pass a police record clearance test

*will pass a test on foreplay techniques

*portrays immaculate presentation (suit/tux)

*has no scarring or deformities

*is relatively well endowed, but not ‘huge’

*is 100% safety-minded (disease free)

*is strong minded & emotionally mature

*is well spoken & polite at all times, nice voice

*preferably has no tattoos, very small may be ok

*is well groomed, shaven, trimmed etc

*has good education/ professional background

*is reliable, honest & trustworthy

*portrays confidence, not arrogance,

*is charming & polite, mummy’s pride!

*is a good conversationalist

*has a good sense of humour

*has a true admiration of women

As you can see they are not messing around and looking for quality men. Even though I was 20 at the time and they were looking for someone who is at least 25, it was worth a shot. So before submitting my application, I invested around $2000 on myself including a new suit and photos. I submitted the application along with my photos, and about a week I received an email inviting me for an interview. The day of the interview was an interesting one and I treated it like any normal job interview, ensuring I arrived immaculately groomed. A women in her mid to late 30’s interviewed me asking questions like why do you want to be a male escort, what do you do if you can’t perform, and perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was when  I was handed pen and paper to draw where the clitoris is located. This all took about an hour and at the end I was informed I got the gig. Now I had a few official new titles under my belt, including man whore, gigolo and male escort.

Next I had to think of my escort stage name and Diego Diaz was born and my on going fee was $350 for 2 hours.