I have finally decided to write something a little bit more about myself, as the question I am continually asked is “what made you get into escorting?” It’s not something that I ever planned to do intentionally. Some escorts know other escorts who groom them into this line of business, essentially mentoring them, and they are good to go. For me it was trial and error and similar to a porno film once you know the full story.

I was in my first year of university studying Business Management, majoring in Hotel Management. I had a paid internship at one of Sydney’s five star hotels. I won’t say which one, however it’s the same hotel that Michael Hutchence passed away in. I was 20 years old at the time of my internship, young and naïve, and had only broken up from my first relationship of about 6 months. Being a short relationship and my first one, I should have been quite inexperienced with the opposite sex one would think. On the contrary it was the very opposite. I could always relate to people who were older than me and easily hold down a conversation with someone who was 20 years older than me.


During my intership I was in the front office and as part of that I was a Night Auditor. I covered reception and the front desk between 10.30pm until 7.30am. I would always see some interesting things during those hours, but I’ll keep those for another time. In Australia it’s not mandatory to tip but the guest who was staying for this particular night had other plans. The first half of my shift was running errands to a lady’s room and she insisted on bestowing me large tips for my efforts. I never expected to receive $50 to bring her a phone charger or 20 mins later being called to deliver a bottle opener which again was rewarded with another large tip. Around 2.00am I was summoned to the room yet again, as this time she could not get the internet working. We started with some small chit chat; my relationship status, what type of beverages I like, but then all of a sudden things started to get more x-rated when she said “am I fuckable?” Being my natural self, I was a bit bashful with my response. “Yeah definitely” I said. It dawned on me this 40 year old corporate Mediterranean women had basically been propositioning me the whole night.

The thrill of having sex in work hours was exhilarating, not to mention the fact it was sex with a complete random stranger. It was all over within 40mins, and I snuck out of the room with my sex hair and the utmost discretion. My colleagues raised their eyebrows when I returned and I knew they were aware of what had taken place, but being a close knit team no one ever said a word.

It took a few day’s to sink in what had happened. I made $200 in tips from one single women, as well as having sex. My mind started to wander and I it was time to do some research into this new venture.

Chapter 2 coming soon.