A variety of cocktail bars in Sydney serve a wide selection of drinks ranging from Bloody Marys to Martinis and Whiskey Sours. These cocktail drinks span from timeless classics to innovative tipples. Experience the individual quirks of eccentric bars scattered throughout the city. While stressing on fresh seasonal produce, they offer sophisticated cocktails such as vintage inspired drinks for everyone in the colony. To help you get along your merry little way, here are some of the best cocktail bars in Sydney.


If you are looking for a place where you can escape the world with your mind on the drink, then Magazin is the place. Without getting too weird, you can experiment your cocktail with spectacular ingredients such as the Old-Fashioned style mix of Angostura biters, scotch whisky and salted caramel sous vide-infused Jonnie Walker Black, cold presses juices, grenadine and rhubarb bitters. Here, there is plenty to come searching for especially for a bar that does not do a lot.

As a three man bar, Magazin is a dispense bar that is set up like a kitchen to have two bartenders making drinks while the third garnishes and get the drinks ready for the wait staff to dispense them. Magazin prides itself in dispensing cocktails that feature stunning garnishes which are designed to look good. Here, everything is made fresh.

Eau de Vie

Since it opened its doors to the public in 2010, Eau de Vie has done well to claim its spot as one of the best cocktail bars in Sydney. The Darlinghurst bar is a bar to reckon with as they are quite a lot of unlimited liquid treasures to discover in the repository located inside the Kirketon Hotel. This bar is full of class with plush couches, ornate lamps and dark lighting. No doubt, this place is really the “water of life” where you will find yourself returning to from time to time to this same spot.

Roosevelt Bar

Unlike the Eau de Vie, the Roosevelt is easily accessible from the street. It brings back the memories of the glamorous 1940’s. You will be taken aback by the uncommon transformation you will experience when you get into the cocktail zone. This is a bar with history and you will certainly love it.

Button Bar

Button bar is an inviting small bar that is designed with a pirate theme of a dim interior. Even in its pettiness, the bar has tried to make enough room for plenty of seating arranged in both booth and communal style. Despite the clarity of its unique theme, the space is not overwhelmed. It plays up to the pirate theme even on its reasonably priced list of cocktails. Button is a really cute place for every cocktail aficionado.