A warm welcome, and thank you for taking the time to view my website. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Adria Diaz, and I am a male escort based in Sydney, Australia. With ten years of experience , I’m very confident we can make our first encounter a memorable one.

There is some degree of taboo in hiring a male escort, I do believe there’s more to hiring a male companion for the night. A night with Adria could include dinner near the water – Sydney has some of the best restaurants in Australia. After dinner, we can check out some of the best cocktail lounges; over the years, I have built a professional relationship within the hospitality industry, and am always up-to-date to with newest, trendiest venues in Sydney. After a few delicious drinks we can head back to the hotel and get to know each other on a more intimate level.


 I have a strong professional background in international trade. This has given me the opportunity to travel the world and meet all sorts of people with different cultures. I can assure you that our time will not only be a delightful experience, but I’m also able to engage in intelligent conversation as well as cheeky, lighthearted banter. 

Having a mix background of Latin American and European roots, I have jet black hair, smooth olive skin, and calf-like brown eyes.  I will be immaculately groomed for our rendezvous. When hiring a male escort, sometimes age can be a big barrier; I’m now in my early thirties, and I have worldly experiences and maturity to me. I see the beauty in all women. Looks can be deceiving.  

Now that you have gotten this far, there is a small chance that this is your first time contemplating hiring a male escort. I can definitely understand this can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Please don’t feel embarrassed about that; think of it as a special treat for yourself. I can assure you that I’m discreet, safe, and practice safe sex at all times.


“Why would I see a male escort? I can just go on Tinder and hook up with a random stranger.”

There are many misconceptions regarding women hiring a male escort. The truth of the matter is that all types of women engage with male escorts, including professional business women, students, and married couples that want to spice up their sex life. Hiring a male escort is not just about sex. It’s also about no-strings-attached companionship, someone to be there and listen to you when times are difficult, or to have someone to accompany you on a holiday or to an event. Dating can be quite difficult and if you miss some of the intimacy, hiring a male escort can bridge the gap. Going through a bad breakup and prefer the discreet option? Choosing a Male Escorts Services In Sydneywould be one of the easier options to get the companionship you need.


From our intial contact, the escort that you want to spend time with will be polite and courteous. However, rudeness will not be tolerated, nor will people who change their mind in a unreasonable time frame, as the escort spent time to look his best and clear up his schedule. Hiring an male escort is like any other service, and may charge a cancellation fee or be blacklisted. If the male escort needs to change his schedule, normally 24 hours’ notice is given. 


Indeed, I see other couples. I’m very comfortable in a group situation. With 10 years of being a male escort, I have had the pleasure of meeting many couples seeking to spice up their sex life. I’m very easygoing and not obnoxious nor cocky; I will get along with your partner. When contacting a male escort for the first time, just introduce yourself and provide a short summary of what you are seeking and we’ll let you know if the male escort can accommodate this.I know for first-time couples that have never done this before, hiring a male escorts Sydney is the preferable option


Yes, completely. Your information is not shared with anyone and your personal safety is my main priority. Safe sex is always practised and check ups are done every 2 months. And one thing worth mentioning; I do not practice sex with other men.